1972 Charger Rallye

1972 marked a time when muscle cars were detuned in performance and up-styled in luxury, size, and safety. The 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye was one of the most dramatically styled muscle cars available, and Dodge still had the performance edge with it’s massive 440 cubic inch six pack engine offering nearly 400 horsepower, although it’s said that not many of these exist.

1972 Dodge brochure featuring Charger Rallye

The Charger Rallye was also available with the 318 along with a 340 four barrel, a 400 in either a two barrel or four barrel, and the 440 came as either 4 barrel or six pack.

Styling came in full volume. Half roof vinyl top, curved hood blackout, recessed rear light panel with blackout surrounds, dual headlamps and pronounced front end styling elements delivered a striking and mod appearance for 1972. Bold faux vents grooved into the leading edge of both doors created a muscular appearance.

This hot ride also featured rear stabilizer bars, a new development in production muscle cars to aid ride and handling for balanced cornering.

In 2017, a ’72 Dodge Charger Rallye in excellent condition was sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast event.

This ride in Top Banana (yellow) sold for $42,900. It was know as the CIA Charger because it was originally purchased by the CIA for one of the bureau’s senior investigators. The CIA Charger had the 440 four barrel option and from the images on the Barrett-Jackson website, it is in perfect condition. Considering this was not a race driven model of the famous Charger marque, it is a significant price.

At the time of writing this post, we have in stock, the original 1972 Dodge dealership brochure featuring all the Dodge range including the Dodge Rallye. Other Dodge cars featured in this excellent condition brochure are: Dart Demon, Dart, Challenger, Coronet, Polara, and Monaco.

Image of 1972 Dodge brochure titled The cars that put people first

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Barrett-Jackson reference: https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1972-DODGE-CHARGER-RALLYE–208072 August 31st, 2018

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