65 Mustang Parts

65 Mustang parts are available everywhere, but did you know you can buy a brand new 65 Mustang made up entirely of new parts?

While many manufacturers have reborn 60’s classics like Mini, Camaro, Mustang, and Ford GT, these vehicles are modern cars but with retrospective design elements that slightly resemble the original by way of minor similarities in external features.

Have you ever wanted a ‘classic’ car that is new, but is a model that is almost exactly from the 60’s era?

There are enough new 65 Mustang parts to build an entire replica, but it would be an expensive and daunting exercise to completely compile one new car from all the 65 Mustang parts available. Two companies in the United States have released accurate versions of the Mustangs from the 60s, and they are new cars.

While there is already a growing trend of factory original rebuilds, those are restorations. One supplier will create something that is totally new.

Revology Cars LLC of Orlando, Florida have a range of ’66 and ’67 Mustangs that are brand-new from the ground up. New body, new interior, new engine, new drivetrain … new everything! The cars are period correct in every aspect of their appearance, but with modern Coyote overhead cam, fuel injected engines, modern suspension and steering and modern interior comforts. A totally modern car, but the package still resembles the original era of cars as if they were in the showroom.

Revology produces new Mustangs that replicate the originals from the 60s. Made up of new Mustang parts.

The Mustang replicas are delivered as newly built cars with modern inclusions like Sirius XM satellite radio, keyless start button and integrated climate controlled air conditioning, and the design is completely era correct. The body and components are licensed and approved by Ford including engine components that are supplied directly by Ford. Factory licensing allows them to carry the official ‘Ford Mustang’ badging and this also means the cars are built to Ford license standards.

At SEMA 2017, Revology released the latest in their new 60’s Mustang, a GT 500 licensed by Shelby. Other Mustangs from Revology include a ’66 Mustang convertible, ’66 GT 2+2, ’66 Shelby GT350, and the 1968 Mustang GT 2+2. More at Revologycars.com.

New Mustang GT500 built by Revology licensed by Shelby

Works like a modern car, looks and feels like a classic car from 1967.

Image of modern amenities in the GT500 Mustang offered by Revology including electronic instruments and keyless start button

Roush and Ford engine parts far exceed the performance figures of the GT500 of 1967.

New Ford crate engine with Roush performance enhancements included in the new GT500 Shelby Mustang by Revology

Another Mustang classic manufacturer has just been licensed by the Ford factory to produce 36 limited edition original 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350s. These are licensed to carry the Ford and Shelby names and are produced as race-ready packages. The GT350 is suited for road registration, but this 65 Mustang is actually in race trim. Comforts like interior carpeting, upholstery, air conditioning are deleted and this pony is ready to race.

OVC Original Venice Crew Mustang Shelby GT350 on the race track

These cars are produced by the Original Venice Crew (OVC), Carroll Shelby’s original team of car craft professionals who worked with Shelby at 1042 Princeton Drive, Venice, California. The crew got back together to manage the special building program of the new millennium. More details at Original Venice Crew website: OVCMustangs.com

New to the ’65 Mustang parts range: Now you can buy new ’65 Mustang Fastback body shells.

R3 Performance Products, a developer of performance suspension packages for Mustangs, is Ford factory licensed to produce new body shells in three design specifications. You can order classic, street mod, and pro series body shells. Just choose your purpose for your new Mustang and R3 will create your bodyshell to the standard you wish. Ford licensed the bodyshells in early 2017 and R3 Performance Products offer 1965 to 1970 convertible and Fastback Mustang bodyshells.

R3 1965 to 1970 Mustang convertible and Fastback bodyshells newly manufactured in the USA

You can now buy new bodyshells officially licensed by Ford for the 1965 to 1970 Mustang Fastback and convertible. Bodyshells are offered in three performance standards: Classic; Street Mod; and Pro Series. Visit R3 Performance for details.

Want more ’65 Mustang Parts?

65 Mustang parts are available from many outlets and one that specializes in a huge range of varied 65 Mustang parts for everything from replacements, enhancements and accessories through to performance parts is CJ Pony Parts. Their website is packed full of every 65 Mustang part you can imagine. They also have parts for all other Mustang models too. Visit CJ Pony Parts.

Image of 65 Mustang parts from CJ Pony Parts






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