65 plus Mustang LED Tail Light Conversions

*BLINK* – *BLINK* – *BLINK*  |  *BLINK* – *BLINK* – *BLINK*  | is so much cooler than just | *BLINK*   *BLINK* |

Image of red Mustang convertible with original rear tail lights and indicators

If you love the sequential taillight indicator effect on recent model Mustangs, you’ll love seeing this in the earliest models too. Early Mustangs had a signature design with the effect of vertical taillights in groups of three. So futuristic! The only downfall was the effect of three tiny vertical lights was actually a single light underneath a clever designed piece of chrome trim.

64 Mustang taillight chrome trimNow, with the advances in electronics and a keen aftermarket industry, you can easily install an LED fitting to launch your 1964 back to the future and have three individual light effects per taillight instead of the original one.

The installation only needs one screwdriver and keeps all the original parts except for the lonely light bulb. The LED panel fits right into the lightbulb socket and you keep the original Mustang taillight lens and trim. The only other addition is a new flasher unit to manage the lower amperage of the highly efficient LEDs.

Another system on the market completely replaces the original red taillight lens, but I like this system that just replaces the lightbulb. The unit in the picture below is a complete lens replacement kit.

Mustang sequential indicator taillight conversion in LED

64 Mustang LED sequential indicator light conversionImage at left shows the conversion kit which keeps the original Mustang taillight indicator lens. The wired socket plugs directly into the original socket where the light bulb was located. A special adaptor scree keeps the whole assembly in place. Now you have LED sequential indicators! *BLINK* *BLINK* *BLINK*

Check out how easy it is to convert your original Pony Car to have the lighting effect it deserves in the video from CJ Pony Parts below.



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