About Classic USA Cars

I’ve traveled extensively throughout many parts of the United States of America over the past years and I’ve been fascinated by the number of classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars, barn finds and classic trucks wherever I travel. Each car, truck, motorcycle has a story to tell. Decades of stories in fact because many classics and rare finds are usually 20 years or older. Hotridesusa.com is keen to present as many vehicles and motoring artefacts and collectibles as we can find, and we welcome you to share your pictures and stories too. Sometimes we’ll post a quick snap of something rare and unusual without a story, other times, if we can source the owner and some information of the particular classic American auto, we’ll publish some information.

About the creator of HotRidesUSA.com

Alan O'Neill - classic car enthusiastI have been a car enthusiast all my life. My father and mother owned a gas station and parking lot in the center of downtown Brisbane, Australia. Growing up in the 1960s was the time of many famous marques from the USA. The V8 Mustang hit the local motor racing circuit of Lakeside in 1966 with Norm Beechy, Pet Geoghan, and Bob Jane lapping the previous year’s series winners, the mighty Mini Cooper S and the Ford Lotus and GT Cortinas. Luxury cars like the Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Belair, and Pontiac Parisienne were frequent visitors to our parking lot. These were owned by wealthy managers and business owners in Brisbane, Australia. All imported and spectacular in their size, luxury appointments, and standards of finish, and in Australia, all had to be converted from left hand drive to right hand drive.

Image of Alan O'Neill, author, as a six year old with a Lotus Cortina race car
The author, the 6 year old with his head under the hood of his father’s Ford Lotus Cortina touring car as it was about to race at Lowood Motor Racing Circuit near Brisbane in 1965.

Fifty years later, these cars are still pleasing to the eye. Large and bulky with huge engines, they have becoming classics. The ever diminishing numbers of originals that have avoided the crushers remain as collector cars, rare barn finds, and customized rides. Some left with every rust spot and faded paint or ‘patina’ to resemble exactly how they were well worn, others completely renewed to the minute detail with factory stamps and labels to resemble how the marque might have been on the showroom floor. Others are customized to the point where it appears as the original, but now with up to the minute independent suspension, disc brakes and modern safety amenities. The hot rod also continues with chopped rooflines and lowrider suspension. HotRidesUSA.com will bring to you snapshots and stories of the many artworks of the road. We will find rare and old trucks, classic firetrucks, interesting gas stations, tools and hot rods in a mix of memorabilia. In some cases you might find something you want or need, and I may be able to assist with connecting seller to buyer. I hope you enjoy HotRidesUSA.com. Alan O’Neill

Image of Alan O'Neill, author of gasers.com and car enthusiast
That’s me again, on the right. Still gazing under hoods of race cars 51 years later at Sonoma Raceway’s NASCAR race in 2016.