Amazon In Car Delivery

Want secure Amazon deliveries? Do you need something delivered right to your car instead of the office?

Amazon, the online shopping and delivery service, has just released in-car delivery. If your car is able to be remotely unlocked, you can have packages dropped directly into your car’s trunk.

Amazon delivers directly to car trunks for certain car models

You need to check if your vehicle has a compliant remote unlocking system. Check on the Amazon website.

All you need to do is register your car and when you buy Amazon items, they will be placed directly into your car’s trunk. Your car may be parked at home or at your work or any other prearranged location.

It’s not available in all cities yet, but the trial is being expanded as the system becomes more popular.

Get the app! Try out the Amazon Key App today and see if your vehicle and location are compliant and can use this convenient new service from Amazon.

Post Author: Alan O'Neill

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