Australia manufactures cars again

Australia has created many famous cars for over a hundred years. They invented the ‘ute’, short for utility vehicle, a car sized pickup truck the Americans also know as an El Camino or Ranchero.

In the 1960s and 70s Australian designed Fords, Holdens, and Chryslers dominated road race tracks with advantageous power to weight and handling options. The compact family sedans with small block V8s also handled well and offered excellent reliability.

Holden Utes are the most popularly known of the contemporary Australians, Chevrolet SS, Pontiac G8 are a little more recent. The less-known Holden Monaro, Falcon GT, Torana XU-1, L34, Valiant Charger E49, Commodore and many more Australian classic muscle cars dominated the local circuits,  annihilating any visiting competition from outside the country.

Over the last couple of years, Ford, then Toyota and General Motors Holden closed down all vehicle manufacturing in Australia due to viability concerns with many car manufacturing suppliers falling with the closures.

The country is now reliant on specialized manufacturing and a famous family name from Downunder has announced it will produce just 70 Brabham BT 62 sports cars in the city of Adelaide, Australia. This new mid-engined, carbon fiber ‘day-racer’ will be released to the world during 2018. Testing has begun with personal test drives by family member, David Brabham.

Brabham BT 62 in Australian colors - green and gold

Trueblue to the country colors, green and gold was chosen for the production launch. The same colors used to represent Australia in the Olympics and used by Sir Jack Brabham for the F1 world championship rounds.

(Image from – May 30, 2018

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