Barn Finds in running condition

Traveling around Sonoma County, California’s famous wine country, I’ve discovered many survivor cars and barn finds in side alleys and city streets.


Image of 1965 Mustang barn find classic car.
Is it a survivor or a barn find? It is a daily driver classic car for sure, so perhaps it can be a ‘daily driver classic car’?

These cars are a tribute to their owners, not because they spend hours in restoration work, but they just keep them on the road, many cases as daily drivers.


Image of 5th generation El Camino in perfect running condition
A fifth generation El Camino. This is easily a survivor car. Around 30 years old, a daily driver, and appears to be in perfect survivor condition.

I like how the cars are casually kept by the roadside. The locals surely keep a good watch on the classic car which decorates the street-side. Recently I’ve spotted 1964 Mustang, numerous F100, a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann convertible, a GMC 150 pickup and many others.

Image of 1960s classic Ford F100 in junker condition, but it still runs.
It appears to be a junker, may even have a bent chassis, but this one was actually running. Warming up for a short trip around town or just keeping it running and waiting for the day it gets some extra care.

Some of these are almost crossed between a survivor and a barn find. All appear to be in perfect running order. The F100 in Monte Rio was started and idling, probably getting it’s weekly warm-up to keep everything in running order.

Image of 1950 Chevrolet classic car in Nevada USA
1950 Chevrolet in true survivor car condition. On the road as a local drive, perfect restoration. A real Chevy classic car.

If you see any barn finds, survivor cars, or anything you would like to share in the realm of classic cars, classic pickups, and classic motorcycles, send us a note.


Post Author: Alan O'Neill

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