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Save on expensive repair and servicing costs on your classic car and small engines including lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, and ORVs with STA-BIL Storage fuel stabilizer.

Sta-Bil Storage fuel stabilizer is possibly the best fuel stabilizer you can buy. Why?

I have a Champion 3100 75537i inverter generator for my RV and this machine is high technology. This inverter generator has remote start and high energy output so I want to make sure it has the best service life.

The problem with a generator is that I don’t use it very often and it was only after reading the manual about long term storage that I became aware of fuel storage stabilizers. Long term storage for fuel is referred to any length of term longer than two weeks. And two weeks is not a long time for any classic car or small engine appliance. They usually sit a lot longer than this, especially through the winter.

Have you had a small engine that would start first go, every time, when it was new, but now just doesn’t get going that easily? This is where a fuel stabilizer comes in. states that volatile components of gasoline evaporate over time and the ability to combust will also degrade too. also states that hydrocarbons in gasoline mix with oxygen and produce chemical compositions that result in gums and varnishes that clog small jets and fuel lines.

If you have a classic car with fuel injection, your injectors can very quickly become clogged with these gums and varnishes. Water condensation can also cause a breakdown in gasoline balance and so you need to keep your fuel tank fairly well filled to prevent condensation dripping off the sides of the bare walls of a low or empty tank. It’s important to keep your stored classic car with at least a three quarter tank to reduce the effects of condensation building up too much water in your tank.

Normal daily or weekly running of your vehicle does not require a stabilizer if you are replenishing the fuel at least every few weeks. The new fuel being added each week or so dilutes and refreshes stale fuel in your tank.

Is draining your tank an option for storage?

If you drain your tank, you risk the possibility of seals and fuel gauge mechanisms drying and becoming brittle. It’s best to keep your tank full, unless you plan to store a vehicle longer than two years.

We have a 2008 Jeep Cherokee that is stored at our vacation home for months at a time. After reading about the fuel degradation for our Champion generator, I decided to buy a fuel stabilizer for my Jeep too. Sta-Bil Storage Gasoline Stabilizer will keep fuel in your tank stabilized for up to 24 months and while your engine is running, Sta-Bil Gasoline Stabilizer will run through your engine’s systems and clean out the fuel lines, pump, and injectors or carburettor.

Sta-Bil also has a range of products for different applications including marine, diesel, and for ethanol based fuels.

What about the fuel in a storage container?

Fuel in storage containers can also degrade in the same way as fuel in your classic car or small engine’s fuel tank. If you add fuel to your classic ride, small engine appliance, chainsaw, generator, or lawnmower from any fuel container, you should add the Sta-Bil Gasoline Stabilizer  directly to your container of fuel in the proportions as directed, then add the fuel to your small engine appliance. That way you your fuel is protected in the engine and in the storage container for up to 24 months.

Don’t waste your fuel or risk expensive engine repairs to your fuel system, make sure you add the right quantity of Sta-Bil storage fuel stabilizer to your fuel today. Click here to buy now!


Pontiac GTO image supplied by Gold Eagle, the makers of Sta-Bil fuel stabilizers.


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