Billet Aluminum Pulley and Serpentine Kits

Nice set of wheels! If you like the convenience and efficiency of serpentine belt systems, now you can convert your engine over from the older V-belt and take advantage of lightweight billet aluminum and quick release belt systems.

Kits are available for all the popular small and big block Chevrolet, Ford, and MOPAR.

Wraptor billet aluminum serpentine belt conversion kit

Wraptor billet aluminum accessory kit by CVF Racing. The kit includes all pulleys and the actual accessories, air conditioning compressor, power steering, and alternator.

The Beast 8 track billet aluminum serpentine belt conversion kit

Go eight track. Strength and power transfer efficiency comes from the wider belt kit. The black system blends in for a traditional appearance.

CVF Racing have been developing accessory kits from their Minnesota workshop since 2009. The company originated from creating billet aluminum parts for custom cars and now has an extensive range to include diesel truck applications. The standard of finish is crafted to perfection and polished to a mirror and brushed finish for a performance enhancement that presents for concourse standards.

Engineering has evolved and serpentine belt systems are favored in performance cars and race engines for ease of exchange, longevity, and strength. Once you’ve changed over a serpentine belt you won’t go back to a V-belt setup.

Manufactured in the USA, CVF Racing have developed a huge range of pulleys, brackets, and accessories. The engineers have released a range of V-belt billet pulleys for FJ40 Landcruiser F and F2 . Power steering pumps and pulleys, electric water pump brackets, and specialty alternator fittings are engineered in-house.

Contact CVF Racing for your serpentine pulley conversion for full race preparation or for show.

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