Gas station memorabilia or petroliana available from gas bash swap meets

Gas Bash Petroliana aka Old Gas Station Memorabilia

Old gas station signs, gas pumps, oil cans and other gasoline related collectibles are properly named ‘petroliana’.  Swap meets where old gas station items or petroliana are sold and traded are commonly named a ‘gas bash’. I’ve just been searching around for more information online about petroliana and found this great information hub with sales […]

Fill Up at Tank Garage Winery - Old gas station in Calistoga, California

Old Gas Stations in northern California

Old gas stations never die in the USA, they just stop pumping gas, and along with the love of everything automobile in the USA, old gas stations hold their appeal throughout the country. A National Parks  Service initiative to stimulate the preservation on historic sites is defined in the  publication: ‘The Preservation and Reuse of […]

Rescued Signal Gas Station at Stokes Ranch Ca

Stoke Ranch Windsor Ca

When you are driving along Old Redwood Hwy in Windsor, Ca., Stoke Ranch explodes into view like a neon sign on a hot desert night. Petrol heads and gas station junkies spin heads like a row of sideshow pingpong ball clowns. I’m sure Fred Stoke’s ranch has caused an accident or two by the spectacle […]