Chev Big Block Crate Engine ZZ572/720R Deluxe

572 cubic inch Chevy big block rocks

If you love big block Chevrolet, then you like cubic inches and normal aspiration with good old coil ignition, then you can still keep old school in this brand new crate engine from Chevrolet.

Chev's big block 572 cubic inch ZZ572/720R photo of right side

Chevrolet has labelled it the most powerful big block and the king of all rat engines. This mill’s 727hp and 680 lb ft of torque is capable of dropping 9 second quarter miles!

At only 3,500rpm, power already starts to hit the 375hp mark and torque is a massive 570lb ft. Torque continues to climb to the 680lb ft maximum at only 5,000rpm with power steadily building all the way to 6,300rpm where it finally peaks at 6,300rpm and a massive 727hp. Huge figures for any naturally aspirated crate motor.

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The ZZ572/720R is ready to start right out of the crate. The crank and rods are all forged, with aluminum heads and massive two and a quarter inch valves.

Chevrolet provides the following specs for the massive 572 cubic inch big block.

  • Tall deck big block V8
  • 572 cubic inches displacement
  • Bore / stroke: 4.560 / 4.375 inches
  • Cast iron block with four bolt mains
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Forged steel and shot peened conrods
  • Forged aluminum pistons
  • Camshaft: Mechanical roller
  • Camshaft lift/duration: .714/278 degree intake and .714/282 degree exhaust lift
  • Cylinder heads: Aluminum rectangular port with 118cc chambers
  • Valves: 2.250 intake and 1.880 exhaust in stainless steel
  • Compression ratio: 12:1
  • Rocker arms: Aluminum, roller. Ratio: 1.7:1
  • Distributor: Electronic
  • Carburettor: 1150cfm Dominator
  • Water pump: short
  • Spark plugs and leads included in the crate
  • Fuel: 110 octane recommended
  • Timing: Base 8 degrees BTDC. 36 degrees total
  • Maximum recommended RPM: 6,750rpm
  • Internals are delivered balanced

572 Chev crate engine mounted to a testing frame for demonstration at a Goodguys car show in Pleasanton

Chevrolet’s only crate engine with even more performance is the LSX454R with 776hp at a huge 7,000rpm and 649lb ft of torque, but there is something about having all 572 cubic inches for a mother of a big block.

1970 Chevelle with the Chevrolet big block 572 cu in crate engine

Photo above is the 572 fitted to a 1970 Chevelle. This Chevelle was found downunder in Australia at the Cooly Rocks On event in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia.

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    Andrew Aragon.

    (May 12, 2020 - 5:20 pm)

    I m looking for this ( 572 ) <> cubic for A 1969 Chevy need beg bluck…. 720 – 717 – 4367 ) 13 17 pearl , St Denver Colorado 80203 ( apt — 26.) How much. Is it. Cpust. $$$ ???

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