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Image of 1972 Chevelle SS with big block 572 cubic inch Chevrolet engine

In 1972, the Chevelle became America’s second best selling car having such a wide variety of models and options. You could order several V8’s including two 350 cubic inch versions, a 307, 402 and a 454 SS.

572 Chevrolet crate engine fitted to this 1972 Chevelle in Australia

The Chevelle was offered from 1964 through to 1978 in three model generations.

Image of rear corner of 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

The 1972 Chevelle SS above was fitted with Chevrolet Peformance 572 cubic inch crate engine. The body and finish is perfectly restored to concours condition. This particular 72 Chevelle SS is in Australia and was a head-turner at the recent Cooly Rocks On classic car show in Coolangatta, Queensland in June.

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