Cooly Rocks On classic car photos

Legendary Australian classic car show, Cooly Rocks On, attracted a great range of classic cars to the streets of Coolangatta Friday. The event will continue throughout the weekend, closing on Sunday, June 10th, 2018.

Australian classic cars mixed with American muscle and hotrods. Some Europeans added to the mix with a BMW Isetta, the three wheeled exotic, and several split-window Volkswagen Kombis from the sixties.

1976 Australian Holden Torana SS V8

The giant killer of the Australian muscle car era. A 1976 Holden Torana packed a punch with it’s 308 cubic inch V8 engine. A proven racetrack winner in Australian Touring Car Championship rounds.Holden SS Torana Hatchback with hood scoop

1970 Australian Holden HG Monaro GTS with a 350 cubic inch engine.

This bright orange Holden Monaro HG GTS has presented in as original condition as possible. This 1970 muscle car was the top of the range luxury sports coupe of it’s time.

Volkswagen 23 window kombi bus in white and red.

23 window VW Kombi bus in perfectly restored condition is probably one of the most valuable cars in the show.

Kombi pickup with 2 row seating

Early version of the crewcab ute. A Volkswagen Komi pickup with split windshield.

VW Kombi loaded with BMW Isetta

Kombis were always present in the Australian culture in the 1960s so this marque is well represented at the Cooly Rocks On event. This VW Kombi Ute demonstrated its capability by carrying the three wheeled BMW Isetta onboard.BMW Isetta loaded snugly aboard a very capable VW Kombi ute

Dramatic styling of the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr coupe is emphasized in lowrider form.

Lincoln Zephyr V12 1939 lowrider coup

Lincoln lowrider Zephyr V12 of 1939

In 1939, the Lincoln Zephyr coupe was delivered with a V12 complete with alloy heads.

Stunning muscle car lines of the 1971 Valiant Charger R/T

The short wheelbase of the 1971 Australian Chrysler Valiant Charger R/T provided great handling on the race track. This image shows the dramatic rear end styling with an inbuilt rear spoiler.

Replica stock car from the American muscle car era. Chevrolet Impala of 1965.

American muscle was fully represented at Cooly Rocks On with many Fords, Mopars, and GM classic cars and hotrods. This Chevrolet Impala of the NASCAR series added to the international flavor of the event.

XB Ford Falcon GT 351 replica for sale

Australian Ford Falcon XB GT 351 was the road racer from Ford for the mid 1970s.

Factory ready for huge rear wheels and tires, the XB Ford Falcon GT351 from Australia

The huge rear fenders accommodated a 10 inch rear wheel on the racetrack to get the power on the ground from the Cleveland 351 cubic inch V8. Four wheel disc brakes were fitted as a factory standard. One of the first ever Fords with rear disc brakes.

Ford Falcon 351 GT-HO in vermillion fire with modern low profile tires

In 1971, the Phase 3 version of this Australian Ford Falcon GT-HO was the fastest production four door sedan in the world. The 375 horsepower 351 cubic inch engine could push this road racer to over 140mph right off the factory floor. This particular car has low profile tires on oversized wheels which bring the style into the 21st century.

Ford Lotus Cortina Mark II from 1966

A rare but famous Ford muscle car of the early to mid 1960s. The Ford Lotus Cortina Mark II in signature creamy white with British racing green stripes. It was the giant killer of the early Jaguars on the racetrack until Ford Mustang V8s began to dominate the finish lines.

British racing green stripes of the Lotus Cortina Mk2Close up image of Lotus badge on the Ford Lotus Cortina MkII

Nice patina! An all bare metal example of a chopped 1936 Ford Coupe lowrider with clear coat finish.

Chopped 1936 Ford coupe lowrider in plain steel patinaLowrider 36 Ford Coupe with rear hatch 'dicky' seat

Want to see more at Cooly Rocks On? The show continues through Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th of June, 2018 in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia.


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