Dent removal in difficult locations

Dent removal techniques for the modern restorer.

Long gone are the days when you had to remove a panel and hammer out dents from behind or throw away a panel all together because dent removal would stretch and stress the old panel.

The Miracle System Dent Puller is a complete dent repair system. Dent repairs with the Miracle System avoid over-stretching panels, saves time with less need for panel removal for repairs, and saves even more time with efficient and accurate dent removal.

Single point dent removal causes stress to any dent and risks stressing the metal. Stressed and fatigued metal requires a new panel which is costly and time consuming.

The Miracle System Dent Puller uses a multipoint dent removal system. The stress is minimized and with the removal points spread throughout the entire dent area, the repair is much more accurate and faster. See the video below demonstrating a difficult dent repair in a small area.

The pulling bits are recyclable, able to be used over 100 times and a series of mechanical and hammer pullers can repair a wide variety of dents including alloy panel dents. The Miracle System is available in the USA from:

Carolina Collision Equipment:

Or in the UK from Power Tec:

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