Dodge Demon redefines muscle cars

Dodge not only revived the muscle car era, it improved it. Read on to see the extent Dodge SRT have taken to make Demon the world’s greatest!

Superbee, GT350 Mustang, 428 Cobra, and Yenko Camaro all defined the muscle car era a long time ago. Fifty years on and one car revives the muscle car era with 2018 technology – Dodge Demon.

The two center driving lamps are not really lamps. They are actually two of the three cold air intake ports to maximize air density for the engine.

Based on the Challenger body, Demon has broken all records for any production car.  840hp is the highest of any V8 production car ever produced. At 1.8G, Demon has the greatest launch G-force of any production car. Demon is the first production car to offer front wheel lift on launch. Zero to 60mph is smashed to 2.3 seconds, the best for any production car ever built. NHRA confirms the Dodge Demon achieved the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds for a staggering 140.09 mph, another record broken for any production car ever built.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon personalized tires designed to maximize drag times

315/40R18 Nitto5R tires on 11 inch wide rims are designed to maximize grip in drag conditions. These tires are designed just for this car and even have the Demon logo molded into the tire wall. Lighter front runner wheels and tires are available to maximize drag strip performance.

Extended cooling fins on the rear differential housing for extra cooling

2 inch cooling fins extend below the rear differential housing for maximum heat dissipation.

New Dodge SRT Challenger Demon rolling of the delivery truck. Straight from the factory.

With specially flared guards, this Challenger is the widest of any production Dodge. Sound proofing and seating are designed with lighter materials for reduced weight with the sound system reduced to a two speaker system just to minimize weight.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon engine bay photo

At 840hp (646 kw) Dodge Challenger SRT DEMON is the most powerful production car available. The huge cold air intake shown above is just one of three sources for intake air. 1. The Air-Grabber (TM) hood scoop, 2 the dual air catcher headlamps and there is another air inlet in the wheel fender.

There are twenty-five performance enhancements over the Hellcat including a larger supercharger; increased boost pressure; higher RPM of 6,500rpm maximum. Up from 6,200rpm maximum in Hellcat. Two dual stage fuel pumps compare to Hellcat’s one.

What is the SRT Power Chiller (TM) – keeping induction air as cool as possible results in more air density. Compressing air in a supercharger will heat air and reduce some of the advantages of pressurized induction. The Power Chiller (TM) diverts engine intake air through a container chilled by the vehicles air conditioning unit, lowering intake air temperature by up to 45 degrees (F) and adding just the right amount of edge to make this Demon the most powerful production car in the world.

Dodge Demon receives predelivery inspection at the dealership in California

After a run on the drag strip, the engine components need a properly coordinated cool down. Demon includes an After-Run Cooler to keep circulating air and engine coolant even after the engine is shut down. The cockpit information panel through Uconnect (R) provides a supercharger coolant temperature reading to let you know when your supercharger is at the optimum temperature for your next run.

The Dodge Demon interior

If you want to go the full kit, you can order the essentials kit and you can go drag racing. The kit is fully supplied with a Demon graphic tool box, lightweight front wheels, and all the pieces you need to be a winner on the drag strip.

With Dodge Demon, Challenger T/A, Charger Daytona, Durango SRT, and the ScatPack range, Dodge have reborn the muscle era.





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