Drive In Diner in Cloverdale California

There’s a little diner right in the center of Cloverdale that speaks historic memories just from a first glance. Pick’s Drive In Diner is garnished by classic Coca-Cola signage, fixed padded bar stools, riveted steel construction, corrugated iron, and a fallen ‘Carnation’ brand icecream sign.

Root beer float being served at Picks Cloverdale California

Above photo: Note the riveted steel construction on the walls below the counter, and the stainless steel refrigerators in the background.

The 1923 business is a thriving restaurant in this otherwise sleepy town center. An historic soda fountain still occupies center position right next to modern boutique beer pull taps, although I don’t think it still functions. Heavy old refrigerator doors with ornate hinges and locks maintain old-time theming and the menu is complete with rootbeer floats, hamburgers and fries.

When you sit and take in the atmosphere of time’s past, you notice heads turning from visitors passing in the main street of downtown Cloverdale. They are astonished to see something from so long ago that is not only still standing, but a thriving business with queues of people waiting for meals and drinks.

Classic cars are often seen parked in the drive-in bays and many classic car clubs and motorcycle groups highlight Pick’s Drive-in Cloverdale in their itineraries.

After a meal at Pick’s, you can stroll around the quiet streets of Cloverdale’s downtown and view the old shops, collectible craft stores, and sculptures from local artists.

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