Fender Wells Donate Cars and Parts to provide Fresh Water

Do you have old car or motorcycle parts laying around your yard?

You can donate these items to Fender Wells. Each item is sold to generate funds for fresh water treatment in communities most in need.

Fender Wells is a non-profit organization registered 501 (C) (3)  who will market your discarded auto parts, complete cars, and wreckers. The organization has provided funds for on-site water treatment plants, saving the health of people who normally have to retrieve water from stagnant ponds and polluted creeks.

Donate today! The steps are simple. Send some pictures of your donation directly to Fender Wells who will assess the items and arrange for you to send the items to Fender Well who will return a donation receipt.

The Fender Well organization has a vision to assist immediate disaster relief efforts with funding for fresh water processing from money generated by donations of old cars, motorcycles, and their parts.

Contact Fender Wells today at their website: https://fenderwells.org



Post Author: Alan O'Neill

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