Fred Stokes Ranch Santa Rosa

Today I visited Stokes Ranch in Santa Rosa, where the 2018 Pacific Coast Gas Bash was hosted. I couldn’t help breaking away from the swap meet and strolling around the grounds for a few minutes.

Image of Stokes Ranch showing old gas station, fire truck, and general store in Santa Rosa California

Fred Stokes hosts various clubs and swap meets throughout the year, and also restores his own vehicles. The collection of old buildings including a complete gas station, chapel, firehouse and even a complete general store, almost resembles a small town.

The venue is only open for special events, and Fred asks for privacy, so don’t drop in expecting to be shown around without notice.

Barn workshop at Fred Stokes Ranch with neon signage

Fred Stokes has a complete restoration workshop at his ranch near Windsor. It’s not open to the public, and access is only by invitation.

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