Good Guys 2017 Autumn Get Together Pleasanton Ca

Good Guys 2017 Autumn Get Together features a running display of Chevrolet’s newest and most powerful big block ever!

The most powerful engine ever produced and sold in a crate was displayed on a running test bed by Chevrolet Dublin (California) The 572 cubic inch (that’s 9.4 liters!!!) monolith outputs 740 horsepower from the factory. The ZZ572/720R is ready to race or drag. Normally aspirated by an 1,150 cfm Dominator carburettor, this engine is pure power. Chevrolet promotes the benefit of this engine as being totally ready, right out of the crate. Add a fuel pump and a starter and you are ready to race or hit the 1/4 mile doing 9 second brackets.

Image of Chevrolet 572 cubic inch crate engine from Dublin Chevrolet (California)

By contrast, a flathead (sidevalve) V8 from the early 1950s is offered for sale at the swapmeet in the same display. We’ve come a long way from the days of 85hp at the factory.

Sidevalve or flathead V8 at the swapmeet, fully restored and with 4 carburettors and new Edelbrock aluminum alloy heads.

Good-Guys events take a full day to visit the displays and see the events. I suggest two full days! One day just to sift through the swapmeet and the other to see the events and displays.

Image of spectators and custom cars at Good Guys 2017 Autumn Get Together in Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton

Chevy Impala low rider spreads its wings. A combination of new and classic complements the original design of this classic survivor.

59' Chevrolet Impala low rider demonstrates the aircraft like design inspiration of the era.

Edelbrock intake manifolds extend far along the swapmeet alley at Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, Ca.

New and reconditioned Edelbrock performance manifolds in all sizes and spec. is a suspension supplier for custom cars and hot rods suspension specialists with their impressive display of front and rear IFS, and complete chassis kits.

Auto and Truck Bumpers Chrome Plating specialist chrome restoration for classic and custom cars

Bumper, grille and chrome accessories refinishing stores were ready for a take home order at Good-Guys 2017 Autumn Get Together in Pleasanton, California.

Superior Classic Bumpers of Pomona with a range of refurbished bumpers ready to take home and instal

More crate engines ready to take home today! Tony and Dustin Massey’s CSD Engines mobile engine display center in the swapmeet area at Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, California.

CSD Engines from Marysville, Ca with a display of crate engines from Mopar, Ford, and Chevrolet ready to purchase

LED conversion lamps for almost any classic and hotrod. A favorite is the ’64 to ’68 Mustang sequential indicator tail light combination.

Swap meet display board of LED tail light assemblies for classic cars and hot rods

Engine wiring harnesses under $200 and wiring labeled every 5 inches for easy tracing by Gem Street Rods.

Gem Street Rods display board at a swap meet in Alameda Fairgrounds for wiring harnesses and engine accessories

Looking for a personalized classic license plate? Collectable plates spanning the last century in swap meet alley by Tim Hindman of Vancouver WA.

Display of collectable California license plates from Tim Hindman

Polished airconditioning compressors, brake boosters, starters, and alternators to match the chrome dipstick by Tarango Customized Headers.

Image of polished motor parts for customized cars. Airconditioning compressors, starter motors, brake boosters, and brake reservoirs.Image of polished headers for custom cars and hotrods by Jim Tarango.

Lugnut King, Raul Gonzales of Fontana, Ca with spacers, lug nuts, center caps, and early hub caps ready to take home and add to any hot ride.

Lugnut king Raul Gonzalez's display of wheel spacers, decorative lug nuts, hub caps and wheel centers in swap meet alley at Alameda Fairgrounds

Electric driven cooler along with car memorabilia and collectibles.

Image of a Cruizin Cooler, an electric driven motorized cooler at a swap meet for the Good Guys at Alameda Fairgrounds

Diffs anyone? Mopar or Ford? Just choose your crown gear size and ratio.

Image of differentials on display at the Good Guys swap meet in Pleasanton, Ca

What cfm do you want in your dual chamber Holley?

Hundreds of carburettors for hot rods and custom cars at GoodGuys Autumn Get together 2017, Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, Ca looks forward to the next Good Guys event in Pleasanton on March 24 and 25, 2018 for the 36th All American Get-Together at Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, California.

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