Holden Special Vehicles HSV introducing Chevrolet Camaro

The rumor about GM exporting right hand drive Chevrolet Camaros has been circling for a few years now. General Motors have closed the Holden factory in Australia, ending all major car production in the island continent and closes the door on any GM direct export of the Camaro for now.

HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) to deliver Chevrolet Camaro in right hand drive for Australians

Special aftermarket builder, Holden Special Vehicles have recently announced that they will import a limited quantity of Chevrolet Camaros which will be converted to right hand drive in their own production line. Each will be made to comply with Australian design requirements.

The Camaro 2SS will feature 20″ wheels on 245/40ZR20 (front) and 275/35ZR20 rear tires delivering the power from 6.2L gen five LT1 direct injection V8. Transmission is 8 speed with paddle shifters. Expect 440 plus horsepower or 330kW.

Brembo brakes will be added with four pistons front and rear!

Cooling is added to both the transmission and 2.77 to 1 differential to keep the drivetrain running cooler at high performance speeds.

Release dates are set for about now, but HSV are keeping very quiet about the actual ready day. Can’t wait for more news and to see one of these on the streets of Australia!

Post Author: Alan O'Neill

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