Hot Ride Sharing Experiences in Vegas at SEMA Show 2017

Las Vegas always goes to extremes and the ride sharing experiences sponsored by Ford and BMW thrilled volunteers who registered for hot laps in autocross hot rides!

BMW M3 autocross experience sponsored by Continental Tires and M Performance. Visitors to SEMA 2017 were able to sign-on for a free ride experience in autocross style drifting circuits in two locations. One hosted by Continental and BMW M Performance, and the other sponsored by Ford. The Ford arena would often perform with two cars drifting in close formation still with passengers.

Mustangs drift in tandem driving passengers and onlookers completely wild at the Ford sponsored arena.

Las Vegas skyline and date palms backdrop the SEMA Show main gate

Las Vegas strip in the background of the main gate area at SEMA (Special Equipment Manufacturers Association) Show 2017.

SEMA or the Specialty Equipment Market Association supports the development of motor accessories and aftermarket upgrades. The association is a recognized influence in the motor industry by negotiating with governments in areas that support the motoring accessories trade, and representing consumers who may have been challenged by a manufacturer or dealership who considered a modification and accessory may have breached a vehicle warranty.

The SEMA Show is an annual trade show for the motor accessories industry hosted in Las Vegas each year. 2,400 exhibitors show everything from tools, wheels, and tires to car accessories. Visitors must be in the motor trade. The next SEMA Show will be October 30 to November 2 in 2018.

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