Moon Eyes part of classic car and performance car industry

They are called Moon Eyes – that graphic seen on so many hot rods, dragsters, classic cars and many race cars, but what do they mean?

Moon Eyes logo and machine shop in California

Image of Moon Eyes original workshop and accessories store in Santa Fe Springs, California. This store and workshop has been operating since the 1950s.

Image of Moon fuel block from Mooneyes

Dean Moon was a keen car enthusiast, working at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership’s machine shop around the same time he attended high school. Dean Moon loved tweaking the performance of cars and developed the Moon Fuel Block.

Image of Moon Fuel Block with fuel lines and Moon fuel guage

The fuel block provided a distribution block for fuel supply to two or more carburettors which made installation of multiple carburettors more efficient.

Dean Moon designed and created the first ever Moon Fuel Block in his high school machine shop. Dean worked closely with the dynamometer (dyno) in the Lincoln-Mercury dealership and absorbed the knowledge to achieve optimum performance from engines.

Shelby history.

In 1962 a friend named Carroll Shelby called in to Dean’s workshop at 10820 South Norwalk Boulevard, Santa Fe Springs, yes, the same famous workshop, and created the very first Shelby Cobra.

Image of fuel tanks and caps available from Moon Eyes store in Santa Fe Springs, California

Moon still manufactures many products in house, including fuel tanks, oil caps and other performance parts. The company is also a one-stop-shop for performance products like fuel flow guages, tachometers, steering wheels and so much more, that the company has a dedicated open day each year.

The company sells items directly from its website as well as from the store and still produces a printed catalog.

Visit Moon Eyes website.

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