Trucks at SEMA

Trucks at SEMA 2017 were lifted, wrapped, chromed, supercharged, and accessorized to the max!

Hundreds of eye-catching trucks at SEMA displayed every possible accessory available from thousands of special equipment suppliers, with some lifted so high, it was difficult to get a clear shot.

Go anywhere, anytime! Looking more like a snow tractor, this crewcab Ford F Series off road resto mod attracted attention from visitors with its classic ’70s F truck design and interesting color.

F Series Ford resto mod displaying huge tractor tires and offroad accessories

Still need to go more places? This current model Chevy Silverado shows off the integrated cold air intake in the hood.

Chevy Silverado 3500 dual rear wheel crewcab truck with bicycle on roof, snowboard and snowmobile

Cooper Tires presented this Chevrolet Silverado 3500 dual rear wheel crewcab kitted out with fat tired mountain bicycle, snowboard, and a snowmobile just in case you can’t cover all the terrain!

Limitless truck and snowmobile

Take it to the snow and beyond! A complete snow package. Custom suspension and wheels dominated the outdoor displays.

Resto Mod 1968 Chevy Blazer

Hostile Road Wheels sponsored 1968 Chevy Blazer resto-mod. The gunmetal finish and brilliant red leather interior was a showstopper.

Interior Chev Blazer resto mod truck at SEMA Show 2017

Image of 37 Dodge pickup with a Mopar crate engine

‘MOPAR Blue’ – MOPAR crate engined ’37 Dodge pickup. Looking original in appearance, the wolf in sheep’s clothing carries a Hemi 345 engine kit.

Side view of the blue 37 Dodge pickup with a Mopar crate engine

The MOPAR 345 HEMI V8 crate engine is rated at 383 hp and 425 lbs ft torque. The MOPAR logo on the door is the original design from MOPAR when it began 80 years ago, and there is the symbolic significance of the 1937 model truck.



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